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Hi, I'm sanghoon,Kim, Yewon church in Seoul responsible for broadcasting technology Major in interactive media. The second major is broadcasting camera.

Needed for broadcast production 'pre-production', 'production' beyond the cameducer to 'post-production' to become a true VJ is working now. The special editing using AfterEffects, 3D MAX edit - (3D MAX certification)

Live system to study since 2001, and Windows Server Administration - Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) as well as to manage a Linux server - LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) skills will find

What you're seeing websites as a hobby since 1997 and website creation, design, and PHP Web Programming is my hobby. 2012, the idea is to start developing mobile applications. Thank you.

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1997 ~ 2000

-1997년 최초 개인홈페이지 OPEN
 (PC통신 유니텔을 통해 인터넷 서비스 시작)
- 2000년 5월 연예인사진 사이트 개편

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2001 ~ 2004

- 2001년 1월 www.100479.net 도메인 추가
- 2001년 4월 서울신문등 추천사이트 기재
- 2002년 천사친구 음악감상실(음원서비스)
- 2001년 5월 www.kimsanghoon.com 추가

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2005 ~ 2006

- 2005년 천사친구 연예인 포털사이트 OPEN
 (대한민국 100대 개인홈페이지 선정)

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2006 ~ 2007

- 2006년 개인홈페이지 개편
  (포토폴리오 위주 사이트 운영)

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2009 ~ 2010

- 2009년 개인홈페이지 영문으로 개편

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2011 ~ 2012

- 2011년 홈페이지

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2012 ~ 2014

- 2012년 홈페이지
SH K-STAR 홈페이지 개편
연예인사진,프로필,TV,영화,음악,랭킹 제공

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2013 ~

- SH Ranking
- 2013년 8월 27일 SH Ranking 서비스 시작
(www.shranking.com 도메인 추가)

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2015 ~

SH K-STAR 홈페이지 개편

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This page is under construction

This page is under construction

This page is under construction
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Welcome to my Homepage!!!
Website has been updated for a long time (-.-)
Service started in 1997 as my homepage (Celebrity photos, music room, etc.)
Korea has always tried to become a representative site
November 17, 2011 Next-generation HTML5-based website has been re-opened.
Finally, thank you for your interest guests.


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